Six Figure Freelancing Blueprint

In this ebook, I reveal the exact process I used to build a six-figure a year freelance system that ANYONE can use to build their own $100k+ per year freelancing business.

To get payments like these monthly:

This is for you if...

  • You want to create a full-time income from your passion but not sure how
  • You have some fear and uncertainty about how to get started
  • You want to quit a corporate job to go full-time and escape the 9-5
  • You want to have more freedom to do things besides work every day
  • You're struggling to make a full-time income from freelancing
  • You're not sure how to get your first client or land a project
  • You're unsure how to consistently get clients in a predictable way
  • ​You rely on referrals and outbound tactics that seem like you're begging

If you're already freelancing this is also for you if...

  • ​You have a "yo-yo income" where some months are good and others you're just one client away from not paying your bills
  • You have trouble choosing one niche to focus on
  • You have client's that ghost you or give you trouble when it's time to pay
  • You've had to break up with bad clients that have taken advantage of you
  • You feel overworked and have trouble managing client work
  • You seek balance working from home and managing clients
  • You are missing a system or process to handle everything

I was in the same place

If any of that sounded familiar, I get it, because that was me!

If you’re still struggling to make freelancing a reliable income source… it’s not your fault. It’s because you've just been following a broken system.

The mainstream advice says to hustle, build a brand first, post on social media, create a blog, send people a bunch of unwanted messages, apply to dozens of jobs on Upwork, work for nothing on Fiverr...and maybe just maybe, you will eventually land your dream clients.

You end up spending lots of time posting cute graphics on social media, spending months building the perfect website, only to hope and pray for the perfect client to fall into your lap.

When you do get people interested they want you to discount your prices, haggle you, or even worse, expect you to work for free for "clout" and "exposure".

You're left trying to figure it out all on your own. Only to think, "Maybe this freelance thing doesn't work, I'll just go dust off my resume and get a job again".

Instead, imagine being able to...

  • Quit your job to make a living on your own without traffic jams, office politics, annoying bosses, or being told what to do.
  • Work your own hours without having to punch in a clock or ask for vacation time off just to go on that trip you've been putting off.
  • ​Sleep in and wake up late just because you can.
  • ​Have a list of new potential clients waiting to hear from you every day.
  • ​Receive consistent monthly payments from clients while sitting at a cafe in Paris eating croissants or sitting at the beach in Hawaii.
  • ​Make extra income to pay off student loans, credit cards, or save for your dream home.
  • Spend real quality time with your family or significant other and not just a few hours a night after work.

This is all possible. I know, because I've done all of this.

And I did it by doing the exact opposite of the mainstream advice you've probably heard...

  • I rarely post on social media (I just recently started posting on Twitter for fun).
  • I rarely use freelance sites like Upwork, unless the clients asks me to.
  • I don't blog about my services.
  • I don't send cold emails or LinkedIn messages.

Instead, I created a very simple, easy to copy system, that attracts clients to me rather than chasing after them.

This puts me in a position of authority and trust, rather than being another freelancer trying to land a job.

The truth is you can either take control of your life now by plugging into a proven system or continue to struggle to make this freelance thing work for you.

Right now if you're struggling to get freelance working in your favor, it's because you need to simply upgrade your system.

Like a computer, you're working with an outdated system that needs to be changed. I want to give you a better system today.

In this blueprint, I will reveal my Reverse Freelancing System.

This system shows anybody, including complete newbie freelancers how to create highly profitable freelance businesses faster by attracting high-ticket clients.

Once I discovered this system in 2014, I landed my first high-ticket clients and start getting payments like these:

Then, I refined the system to continue bringing on new clients:

Until I passed the six-figure mark in a single year:

Since 2014 I used this system to work from home or anywhere while traveling the world.

And this system still works in 2023 and will continue to work as long as people need freelancers.

Please understand, my goal is not to brag about all this, but to show real proof to you what can be done when you have the right system to follow.

This is the system I still use and want to share with you today in my blueprint.

I'll be honest.

Unlike most online gurus (which I am not nor want to be), I don't care much about selling courses and books.

In fact, after I wrote this blueprint I changed my mind about releasing it. So it's been sitting on my hard drive collecting dust for about 2 years.

Mainly because I spent over $50,000 to learn just some of the strategies I show and was worried it might get oversaturated.

Since I'm focused on other things now, and after being asked by so many friends about how I work from home all the time even with the COVID pandemic causing so many people to lose their jobs, I wanted to release this and make it affordable for anyone to benefit.

That's why even though the content inside Six-Figure Freelancing is easily worth thousands...I'm making it available for only $9.95.

Why $9.95? Well, I was going to make this a physical book. The printing, postage, and padded envelope cost would come out to around this amount so I figured that was good enough.

Making millions on this isn't my goal. I want it to be available to anyone.

The only reason I didn't make it free was because then you wont read it.

I also figured you'd prefer to get the whole thing immediately, rather than having to wait a couple of weeks for it to ship.

So when you click buy, you will receive a PDF that you can access right now, instantly, without having to wait for the post office to get it to you.

Here's what you get

I’m hooking you up with a digital PDF copy of my 233-page blueprint, “Six-Figure Freelancing” which reveals my Reverse Freelancing System that has helps me earn over $100,000 a year minimum.

All you pay is a measly $9.95.

(That’s the exact price mailing it would cost if I were to grab a physical copy, stuff it in a padded envelope and then mail it out to you.)

*You're also getting my bonus PDF guide "Client Mining" ($97 Value) which will show you 10 proven methods to get clients for free by mining popular websites, forums, and social media sites. I used these methods to get my first clients and start building up my business faster.

**You're also getting a second bonus "Six-Figure Roadmap" PDF workbook ($47 Value) which will help you map out the exact steps you need to create your offers, price your services, plan out your freelance business, get clients, and more.

There’s not catch… no gimmicks… You will NOT be signing up for any “trial” to some monthly program or anything like that.

In fact, if you don’t love the book within 30 days – I’ll even refund your payment (and you don’t have to give the book back).

So if you're tired of reading this and ready to build your own freelance business so you can work from home (or anywhere you want), then click the buy now button to get your copy now.

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365 day refund guarantee

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Last updated Sep 25, 2023

Here's what you get...

The Six-Figure Freelancing Blueprint PDF
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​Bonus #1: Client Mining Guide PDF
$97 Value
​Bonus #2: Six Figure Roadmap" PDF workbook
$47 Value

Six Figure Freelancing Blueprint

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